Polishing and Launching Your CV - dummies

Polishing and Launching Your CV

Part of CVs For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Hone your information into a killer CV (Curriculum Vitae) with these tips. Before sending out your CV to potential employers or agencies, check you’ve done the following:

  • Place your information in sections using reverse chronological order and accurate dates. Include skills, employment, education and personal information.

  • Edit the information mercilessly, tighten up and blitz the excess waffle and conversational tone in favour of a formal tone.

  • Read through your rough draft several times and ditch awkward phrases.

  • Format your CV using not more than two standard fonts at minimum 10 point size.

  • Pay particular attention to detail, grammar and key words.

  • Forget about including a photograph of yourself, unless you’re applying for jobs in theatre or fashion.

  • Don’t go over the top with expensive paper if you’re sending out scores of CVs.

  • Read your CV again before popping it into an envelope (or clicking Send) and sighing with quiet confidence.