Keep Track of the Job Recruiters You Deal With - dummies

By Amanda McCarthy, Kate Southam

Recruitment consultants are the gatekeepers to a sea of jobs. But here’s something to keep in mind for your job search: It pays to remember they’re also busy, busy, busy!

Many believe consultants are chained to their desks sifting through piles of resumes but the reality is they’re often out of the office meeting with employers — their clients. A good consultant will spend time with an employer to really understand its business before attempting to recruit a candidate to fill a particular job role. Consultants also have to make their own sales calls to try and secure new jobs to fill.

As consultants are so time-poor, don’t squander your opportunity to make a great first impression. You can’t afford to hit a bum note by stumbling over a consultant’s name, or the details of the job they’re trying to fill by misplacing the job reference number or forgetting where you saw the job advertised.

Things get more hectic when your job hunt really gets underway. Who did you phone interview with again? Was it Mike Chan from Browns or Channing Brown from Sykes? Did you promise to email X recruiter or were you supposed to return his phone call? Oh dear, you deleted your phone messages or cleaned out your email inbox.

Take a few minutes at the beginning of your job search to set up a log, either in your phone or on your home computer. You can email notes to yourself from work if you need to when activity takes place during the day but take a few minutes each night to update your log. Useful headings to use in your log include

  • Job Role

  • Application Date and Source

  • Employer/Recruitment Firm

  • Contact Person

  • Activity

Be sure you include any reference number in the Job Role column and details of where you saw the job ad under Application Date and Source. For example, LinkedIn or SEEK. Once this task is complete, you only need to update the Activity column to note the name and company of who you’ve corresponded with, spoken to, left a message for, and/or promised to phone or email.

If this sounds like work, remember that when you’re hunting for a job that is your job or at least your part-time job. Get it right and you can give up the job sooner rather than later.