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Researching Other Countries During a Job Search

Considering a job search in a foreign country? Develop a job search plan for each country of interest. The plan should include foundation research that you’ll need for most interviews. Add to that base and customize it with information about cultural subtleties for each target country, region of the country, and potential employer of interest.

Because hiring customs in the world’s nations are still evolving, seek the latest data by researching online and by networking your way to people in-country.

The following Web sites provide information for your cross-cultural job search:

  • Going Global: This site offers country-specific annually updated interviewing advice for a few dozen countries. Visit the site’s home page where you can use the Quick Search feature (lower right hand side of the page) to find information on interviewing in individual countries. A sample content page for each country is free; the country’s entire guide of about 85 pages can be downloaded for under $20.

    In addition to for-fee country guides ordered by the general public, you can read the information for free if you have access to any of the 300 or so libraries and university career centers around the world that subscribe to the Going Global service. These institutions are listed on the Going Global Web site.

  • This site contains a list of international job resources that are most useful for job postings, but you can mine the resources for country-specific interviewing intelligence.

  • Transitions Abroad: This site offers magazine articles and books about working, studying, traveling, living, and volunteering in countries other than your own. Selected articles are free but others are available only if you subscribe to the magazine.