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Produce a Conventional Video Résumé on Emurse

Emurse is ideal if you want a digital résumé that looks just like a traditional paper one. Emurse offers a more conservative-looking online résumé than other online résumé services. In fact, you may say its résumés are just like traditional, hard-copy ones, only they’re on a screen rather than paper.

If you’re uncomfortable with being visual or creative with VisualCV or Innovate CV, the advantage to using Emurse is that you can upload your profile information and make it look like a professionally formatted hard-copy résumé. For examples of what an Emurse résumé looks like, visit and look at the bottom of the site for the Sample Entry Resumes link.

Emurse is a great option for recent college grads who may not have enough content to fill out a whole multimedia, online résumé like VisualCV or Innovate CV.

Five components make up an Emurse résumé:

  • Content: In Content, you type in or copy and paste your résumé content into traditional buckets. Unfortunately, there’s no LinkedIn import feature, so you have to do this part manually. Of course, if you already have a résumé or profile, copying and pasting it won’t take you long.

  • Design: Emurse doesn’t have the flashy design options of VisualCV or DoYouBuzz. You will, however, find ten elegant formatting options. With these options, you won’t need to hire a résumé writer again!

  • Distribute: When you use the Emurse system to e-mail your résumé to a hiring manager, you can keep track of who you sent it to and set up reminders and events. Although this isn’t the most robust organizing tool, it can come in handy if you want to know where your résumé has been and who has seen it.

  • Options: Here, you can rename your résumé or delete a résumé.

  • Website: Emurse gives you only one online résumé with a unique web address. The other résumés you create in Emurse are just for e-mailing to people or printing. The website allows you to specify how private or public you want your résumé to be.

    If you want Google to find your public online résumé, check the Allow Index setting. You can also see how many times your résumé has been viewed and downloaded.