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Preparing For Your Job Interview

Congratulations! You have an interview. Now what? This video will help you prepare for your next interview with helpful tips on answering tricky interview questions, deciding what to wear to impress your potential future employer, having thoughtful questions ready to ask of the interviewer, and following up after the interview.

The "where do you see yourself in five years?" question can be a difficult one to answer, especially when you can't decide what to eat for lunch! "Why do you want to leave your job?" is another question that can cause you to become tongue tied. This video will help you prepare for these questions with solid answers that will show the interviewer that you have done your homework.

You will want to be sure to "dress the part." It may sound cliche, but first impressions are everything, and what you wear to an interview can have a negative or positive impact on how the interviewer sees you. Get tips on how to select an outfit and demonstrate positive body language that will impress your potential future employer yet not distract from the real star of the show — you!

It is important to go into the interview with some questions prepared to ask the interviewer. After watching this video, you’ll have three questions ready to go for the next time you interview.

Following up after an interview is becoming a lost art. Get our tips on how to write an effective follow -up and make sure that you are on top of the interviewer’s mind when making a decision on who to hire.