Pre-Interview Checklist for an IT Help Desk Job - dummies

Pre-Interview Checklist for an IT Help Desk Job

By Tyler Regas

Part of Getting an IT Help Desk Job For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You’ve got your first interview for an IT help desk job. Great! But are you ready for it? Make sure that you review the following pre-interview checklist to ensure that you have all your bases covered:

  • Do you have the time of the interview set in your calendar app? With an alarm? A loud alarm? Maybe more than one alarm?

  • Do you have the address where the interview will be held?

  • Did you print out a map or add the address to your GPS?

  • Have you determined the time it will take to get there and then added 30 to 60 minutes to ensure that you are not late?

  • Are you prepared to arrive at least 15 minutes early?

  • Do you have your interview clothes all clean and neatly laid out?

  • Did you shower and perform all of the other “necessaries”?

  • If you smoke, have you attempted to not smoke until after the interview (and not within sight of the location)?

  • If you smoke, haven’t you decided to quit yet?

  • Have you fueled up your car, or made sure your public transit passes are up to date, or oiled the chain on your bike?

  • Did you set your alarm early enough to wake you so that you have at least three hours to get ready, settled, and travel?