Practice Your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on to Get a Coding Job - dummies

Practice Your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on to Get a Coding Job

By Nikhil Abraham

If you are seeking a coding job, you will need some practice. You can practice your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript online by using the Codecademy website. Codecademy is a free website created in 2011 to allow anyone to learn how to code right in the browser, without installing or downloading any software. Practice any tags and commands that you have learned by following these steps:

  1. Open your browser, and go to

  2. Sign up for or sign into your Codecademy account.

    Creating an account is optional, but doing so means you can save your work. To use the website without creating an account, scroll down the bottom of the page, and click the lessons under the Learn to Code heading.

  3. Under the Language Skills section, click the HTML & CSS card or the JavaScript card, and then click a lesson.

    You see background information in the upper-left part of the screen and instructions in the lower left.

  4. Complete the instructions in the main coding window.

    A green check mark appears and you can proceed to the next exercise.

If your code has an error, a warning appears with a suggested fix. If you run into a problem or have a bug you can’t fix, click the hint, use the Q&A forums, or tweet @nikhilgabraham and include hashtag #codingFD.