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Tips for Continuing Your Personal Brand Online

By Susan Chritton

Branding is how you can distinguish yourself by creating an image and reputation that set you apart; build trust among the people you want to serve; and represent the true, authentic you.

This process — the process of creating your own personal brand — can serve you well whether you’re searching for a first job, exploring a change in career, looking to be more viable and successful in your current workplace, or hoping to serve your community as a volunteer or leader.

Your e-mail signature

Your e-mail signature is what follows the content of your e-mail. You can reinforce your brand with every e-mail you send by paying attention to your signature. Start to observe other people’s e-mail signatures to see what you like. Notice what feels like the right amount of content and see whether they use logos.

Don’t make your signature too content heavy by filling up the page with everything that you do. Do use your logo and contact information to strengthen your brand. After you’ve gathered ideas from other people’s e-mail signatures, design your own to reflect your brand. You may want to include

  • Your name or your company’s name

  • Brand logo

  • Phone number

  • E-mail address

  • Website address

  • Personal brand tagline

  • Social media addresses

Your social media sites

You make a first impression online in much the same way as you do in person, so you want to personalize your social media sites. Ask a friend to give you her first impression when she looks at your social media sites; if that impression doesn’t align with your intentions, make the necessary corrections.

Your social media sites often act as the hubs of your online identity, so make sure that they represent you well.

Of the three major social media sites, Twitter allows for the most visual personalization; with a bit of research, you can customize your background page on Twitter. You can personalize LinkedIn with your headshot and with the content that you share.

Facebook allows for visual personalization through the pictures that you post and videos that you share. Whenever possible, add your personal logo and use the colors and images that convey your brand.

Build a video library

Video is the next major tool on the verge of becoming mainstream to support your personal brand. If you’re in business for yourself, you might look at offering a series of videos to encourage your target market to look to you as an expert.

You can place your videos on your website or put into one of your social media sites to show more of your personality. People trust you when they know you’re human, and video puts your humanity on display.