The ACE Method for Targeting Your Audience - dummies

The ACE Method for Targeting Your Audience

By Susan Chritton

The ACE method is a great tool for using your personal brand in job searches and identifying potential employers and customers. Here are the steps it entails:

  • Assess all your career and personal assets:

    • Personal brand

    • Motivated skills (the skills you are good at and enjoy using)

    • Talents and aptitudes

    • Passions and interests

    • Personality type

    • Work and life values

    • Career and personal goals

    • Education and training

    • Licenses and certifications

    • Work/business experience

    • Industry knowledge

    • Career and business network (relationships)

  • Clarify what’s important:

    • Your top three motivated skills/leadership competencies

    • Your top three passions and interests

    • Your top three personal brand attributes

    • Your unique promise of value (see Chapter 7)

  • Evaluate the best fit for what’s important to you:

    • Your preferred career target (job function) or business target — your dream job or dream client

    • Your preferred work environment: which sectors, industries, companies? (The five sectors are corporate [for-profit], nonprofit, education, government, and self-employment.)

    • Your preferred projects or solutions to problems (results)

Golden opportunities will come more easily if you are clear about what you want and able to articulate your value, if you determine what you want to offer and recognize which target audience is attracted to what you have to offer, and if you proactively pursue your target audience.