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Reinvent Yourself and Your Personal Brand

By Susan Chritton

If you’re facing a transition into a second (or third or fourth) career, here are some tips on refining your personal brand and easing the pain of reinvention:

  • Take responsibility for your life and work. Life is an adventure. Embrace your role in the creation of your new self.

  • Don’t be afraid to learn new things. If you’re behind in learning how to use online social media, take a class or ask a friend for help. Start with a beginner’s mind. Embrace the idea of starting from scratch. Most people have to learn new things all the time; it’s just a fact of life.

  • Set up a daily schedule to give you structure. Having a schedule provides a sense of stability.

  • Stay social. Be open about your reinvention. Share your stories with your friends. Don’t isolate yourself.

  • Maintain your sense of humor. Remember to laugh often and to be able to laugh at yourself.

  • Ease up on your perfectionism. You need to start somewhere, and you may not be very good at it in the beginning. Believe in your ability to learn and grasp new concepts.

  • Examine your finances. Cut back where you need to and give yourself the gift of time to try out your new role without the financial pressure. Now may be the time to sell an extra car or drop a club membership.

  • Remember your core values and stay true to your personal brand. You may feel less sure of yourself during transition, so believe in yourself and live your values.

  • Seek help from a counselor or coach to support you in your changing identity. This is a good time to get the support that you need to help you get clarity on your path.

  • Be inspired and trust the process. Allow a sense of wonder and divine timing to enter your life. Remember all of the times when you’ve heard someone say, “That was the best thing that ever happened to me.”