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Personal Branding for Young Professionals

By Susan Chritton

How can working professionals benefit from crafting their personal brand? As a young professional, you’ve worked for a few years and have some experience to support you. Ideally, you have found work that you enjoy. These are the years of establishing yourself. You are in a self-driven time of your life, and moving ahead is up to you.

Your goal should be to shatter the label of “entitled” that has been affixed to your generation and to prove that you have the brains and talent to move forward in your profession on your own merit.

You want to solidify your personal brand by taking these steps:

  • Set career goals. Write them down and work toward gaining accomplishments and building your skill level.

  • Expand your expertise. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean that you can’t be an expert. Take courses to boost your knowledge. Offer to speak to a group or write a thought paper.

  • Continue to build your network. Find people with whom you can have meaningful and long-lasting relationships. Offer to assist others, and make sure that you’re worth having as a network contact.

  • Manage your image. Look the part of the young professional. If you haven’t ditched your college clothes, now is the time to do so. Look like the professional that you are.

  • Expand your communication skills. Make sure that you’re not only up to date with your social media communication but also that you have learned to communicate well in the workplace using both your written and oral skills.