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Highlight Your Personal Brand when Negotiating

By Susan Chritton

Whether you’re trying to alter your current work situation using your personal brand, or have decided that moving to another company is your best option, you need to know how to negotiate to get what you want.

If you’ve worked hard on your personal brand, you can walk into a negotiation with detailed knowledge of your values, skills, and abilities. You have studied your competitors and target market so that you know what other opportunities may be available to you.

You can also communicate your expertise effectively. All these pieces add up to the fact that you have positioned yourself as a person of value; you are aware of what you have to offer.

Personal branding clarifies what you bring to the table. You are a strong brand, and strong brands are paid more than commodities because they are special.

As any good negotiator will tell you, you need to enter a negotiation with as much information about yourself and the situation as you can. This gives you the advantage of knowing what you really want and what you are willing to compromise on. Good negotiations represent give and take in an atmosphere where there is open communication that is friendly, relaxed, and businesslike.

In addition to knowing yourself and knowing what you need, here are steps to a successful negotiation:

  1. Research what the company (or the individual in the room with you) needs and wants.

  2. Ask good questions to clarify what the company (or the individual) needs.

  3. Listen carefully to the offer being made and identify the many factors that can be discussed.

  4. Express any areas of concern or disagreement.

    You may need to confront issues that do not work for you. (Just be sure to do so professionally and creatively so that you don’t shut down the process.)

  5. Consider what you’re willing to compromise in order to get what you really want.

    What can you offer in exchange for something else? (Less pay but more vacation days?)