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Create an Experience for Your Audience with Your Personal Brand

By Susan Chritton

As you take your communications plan and your expertise into the world with your personal brand, you want to make sure that you allow for flexibility in your interactions with your target audience.

In other words, use your communications plan and your expertise as tools to give you momentum and confidence and use that confidence to allow you to improvise. No matter what field you’re in, you have to bring a human touch to your personal interactions or else your target audience may not feel comfortable doing business with you.

Keep this in mind: Your target audience wants an experience — not just a product or service. When someone reaches out to you for help with a problem, she takes for granted that you have the expertise to assist with that problem. (And she may not have the knowledge to judge your expertise anyway.)

Therefore, the first impression you make is with the relationship you create and the human bond you establish. Assuming that you perform your job with skill (by delivering on the expertise you’ve promised), the job well done supports that first impression, and you become the go-to person the next time a similar problem arises.

Living in a branded world means that you live in an experience economy. You engage your target market not just with what you can provide but with who you are. Something happens in the interaction between you and your target audience that changes the way your audience feels.

When you customize an experience to each person you meet (while still being true to your personal brand), you make a memorable impression. That interaction becomes transformative in some way.

Experiences are personal; no two people can experience the same situation exactly the same way. If you can deliver your personal brand authentically, you will create an experience and a memory of who you are and what you do. Show the world how good you are at being you.