Negotiating a Salary - dummies

When an interviewer asks you your salary requirements, try to shift the question back to them by asking what their range for the position is, or, present your salary history with a broad range of your own. Make it clear that you would like to learn more about the position and how you can benefit the company before giving a more specific answer.

Do your research and know your market value. If you are looking at salary surveys, be sure to compare several of them and use a median salary as your basis. Are you comparing “apples to apples”? Be sure you are looking for similar job titles in similar size cities and regions of the country. Talk to peers in the industry and see what they think an appropriate salary range is for the area.

Have a number in mind for what you want-this would be the high end of your salary range. If you are changing careers you may have to take a temporary cut from your current salary level. The low end of your salary range is what you need to cover your expenses. The difference between these two numbers should provide you ample room for negotiation-at least ten thousand dollars.