Knowing What to Talk about During a Social Media Job Interview - dummies

Knowing What to Talk about During a Social Media Job Interview

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Part of Getting a Social Media Job For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You know the typical interview questions. Social media job interviewers usually want to know the same types of information. How should you answer an interviewer when she asks, “What’s your greatest weakness?” Consider the following interview tips, and invest the time to prepare.

  • Share a time when you responded quickly to a client’s or customer’s needs. Discuss the process.

  • Talk about how you keep your team motivated. Reference monitoring workload, morale, and satisfaction.

  • Discuss how you proactively help people understand their role in projects or groups.

  • Share how you seek multiple ways to do things differently that will continuously improve the business.

  • Share an example of how you seek out and act on both internal and external feedback.

  • Discuss how you manage ongoing relationships with current and potential customers. Include the topic of trust.

  • Provide an example of how you anticipate changing customer needs and create value.

  • Discuss how you actively listen and incorporate input from others.

  • Share how you seek input from others. Talk about encouragement and listening to different perspectives.

  • Discuss ensuring shared understanding and addressing misunderstandings through open communication and active listening.

  • Provide an example of how you’ve used persuasion to gain agreement.

  • Talk about a situation when you faced a problem with no clear-cut solution. Share how you handled it.

  • Explain how you share professional knowledge with your team. Discuss mentoring and team focus.

  • Refer to groups and organizations to emphasize your scope of industry knowledge. Share examples of competitive knowledge.

  • Describe a time when a deadline was nearing, but you wouldn’t compromise quality. Talk about how you dealt with it.

  • Share an experience when things didn’t go as planned. Discuss how you maintained your resilience.

  • Discuss a high-pressure situation you had to deal with professionally. Share what you did and what you learned.

  • Share a time when you set up a plan to accomplish a long-term goal. Discuss your tactics and the end result.