Knowing What to Expect at an Assessment Centre - dummies

By Nigel Povah, Lucy Povah

Part of Succeeding at Assessment Centres For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Not sure what to expect at an Assessment Centre? Don’t feel daunted – here are a few pointers to shed some light for you and boost your confidence as you search for employment:

  • Your performance is measured in terms of job-related skills.

  • You’re asked to participate in job-related business simulations that assess your skills and potential.

  • Your performance is assessed by several Assessors.

  • You’re assessed along with a number of other candidates.

  • Each assessor provides an independent and objective input on your performance.

  • Your overall performance is judged against a set standard, rather than against the other candidates.

  • The process is fair and equal to all candidates.

  • You can gain a realistic preview of the job.