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Jobs in Social Media: Should You Work for a Big Company or a Small Company?

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

If you are trying to decide which path you would like your social media career to take you down, you may be faced with positions at small companies and big companies. You may take a small role with a big company or a big role with a small company. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

At a smaller company, you’ll typically have:

  • Much larger scope of responsibility

  • Job flexibility and the ability to create your own roles and responsibilities

  • Lower initial salary and limited benefits

  • Opportunity to make a huge impact on a company’s direction and its corporate culture

  • Heightened opportunity for larger equity and ownership

  • Ability for larger payout as a member of executive management, ownership, or an acquisition of the entity

Working for a smaller company is the right path if you’re a risk taker who desires a bigger reward sooner. If you’re more risk averse, then you’ll certainly prefer the comfort and security of a larger company.

Typically, social media jobs at larger entities have the following:

  • Focused role and scope of responsibilities

  • Set schedule with the same daily work

  • Higher salary and guaranteed benefits

  • Difficulty working into executive management

The opportunities for social media employment are everywhere, but you decide what level of risk, reward, impact, and versatility you want.