Jobs in Social Media: Exercise Your Weaknesses - dummies

Jobs in Social Media: Exercise Your Weaknesses

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Break down your social media strengths and weaknesses by comparing and contrasting your skills and experience with those required of all social media professionals. If you find you have several weaknesses, you may want to attack those directly and


The following general skill areas are necessary for all social media professionals:

  • Community management: Coordinating common resources

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Increasing a website’s visibility

  • Creative design: Balancing art and function

  • Writing skills: Proper grammar with clear messaging

  • Comfort with emerging trends and technology: Knowing current systems and tools while keeping on top of new offerings

  • Understanding (and valuing) analytics: Measuring a campaign’s performance

  • Strategic view: Big‐picture understanding

  • Knowledge of tactics: Time‐sensitive actions used to accomplish goals

  • Effective presentation delivery: Commanding a presence while disseminating information

  • Leadership: Inspiring and motivating others

Here’s a quick exercise to help determine how much preparation you’ll need to ready yourself for the rigors of an interview process.

  1. Make a list containing each of the ten general skill areas.

  2. Use a 1–10 scale to indicate your comfort level in each area.

    1 is a novice and 10 is an expert.

  3. Do the math.

    Your total score will range between 50 and 100. The closer you are to 100, the greater your overall confidence in social media skills.

  4. Rank your skills.

    List the skill areas from strongest to weakest based upon your scores.

  5. Analyze your findings.

    Areas where you scored 8+ don’t require as much time or effort to maintain. Focus on the areas where you scored 7 or less.

  6. Prioritize and build.

    Start making a plan to build skills. There are many formal and informal learning opportunities available to you.