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Jobs in Social Media: Automating Natively

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Automating means creating content for social media and scheduling its release in the future without having to release it manually. The unfortunate part about this strategy is that many people try to take the “social” out of social media and automate all their interaction. It’s almost as though you’re trying to get a software program or app to talk for you and build relationships.

To automate natively means creating content that’s relevant and helpful to your audience.

Automating in an obtrusive manner such as generating automatic direct messages to someone that follows you on Twitter is deemed to be disingenuous and gives off the wrong impression.

Ultimately, automating pre‐planned content across platforms will save you a lot of time and effort.

Use these:

  •, pronounced like gift without the g, is software you can program. Set up triggers to cause a particular action; IFTTT calls that a recipe. For example, you can set up a recipe where a photo that you upload to Instagram is automatically uploaded to a specific file folder within Dropbox almost simultaneously. This simple example saves time and increases team efficiency. Set up an account on and look at some of the collections to establish some helpful recipes.


  • is probably the easiest way to schedule tweets. Compose a list of tweets that you want to release in the future and decide when you want them posted.

  • is for automating Facebook and LinkedIn posts as well as for scheduling tweets. Pagemodo lets you create visually stunning imagery, and it tells you how to improve the images you’re posting.


  • is by far the best tool on the market for connecting apps and automating tasks. Not only does Zapier feature hundreds of apps, it has open applied programming interface (API) so you can use other services with the platform (with the help of your in‐house programmer).

Many tools allow you to schedule your social media content, but these tools are listed specifically because of their simplicity, uniqueness, or breadth of capabilities.