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Jobs in Social Media: Aggregating Information

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Collecting all the appropriate information that helps run a business from a relationship and social media standpoint is aggregating. When you’re gathering and organizing information with software, you’ll also have the ability to schedule your social media posts.

Finally, you’ll manage all of the relationships that you build in social media through a software program known as a customer relationship management (CRM) database and continually improve your progress by analyzing the numbers (also known as analytics) that these software programs develop.

The best tools for collecting and organizing information in one central place follow:

  • Buffer lets you manage multiple social media accounts at once. Buffer lets you schedule social media content virtually anywhere on the web and collaborate with team members. You also get statistics about how your social media posts perform.


  • combines the power of a customer relationship management (CRM) database with your social media connections. Nimble is a contact‐management system that organizes your past, present, and future interactions across multiple social media platforms. If you need a reminder to get in touch with certain people on particular dates, use Nimble.


  • Tweetdeck is a web‐based software app that applies strictly to Twitter. Tweetdeck allows you to create columns where you can see various feeds including @ mentions, new followers, direct messages, and your general feed.

  • has a dashboard that organizes all your social media profiles. With it you can automate your posts and measure the results with a sophisticated suite of analytics.

You can find a less expensive software program with more features than Hootsuite. Ask other social media professionals in your network, or broadcast a request via your social media accounts.