JobKatch Helps Organize Your Job Search via Social Media - dummies

JobKatch Helps Organize Your Job Search via Social Media

JobKatch offers job seekers a powerful way to stay organized during a job search. It has built-in integrations with LinkedIn so you can import contacts and then track your interactions with them for particular jobs. As your list of opportunities grows, JobKatch helps you remember where you stand with each one.

Here are some steps to using JobKatch:

  1. Find any job description or posting online.

  2. Use the JobKatch bookmarklet to import that job description into the system and into your account to create a job record.

    A job record is where job opportunities are stored.

  3. Add contacts into the job record and begin reaching out.

    You can use the LinkedIn integration feature to speed things up.

  4. Take good notes about the company and opportunity so that you can apply with your best foot forward.

    You can also rank jobs on a scale of one to five.

  5. Schedule follow-up calls or tasks and track your progress with each opportunity.

  6. Watch the dashboard every day to see what tasks you’ve assigned for yourself that day.