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IT Help Desk Jobs: Online Resources for Systems Administration and Networking

By Tyler Regas

To work an IT help desk job, you will likely need to know about systems administration and networking. The vast majority of businesses that have 20 or more employees have some form of server systems in place, growing exponentially depending on the size of the company. Because servers systems tend to be more complex, it helps to have access to resources.

In addition, almost everything in the world is now networked. Computers, phones, tablets, watches, and even scales used to measure your weight all have some form of networking technology. Here are some helpful websites:

  • Tek-Tips is among the longest running sites for systems administrators. All the content on the site is user-created, but it is detailed, and the community members are all very respectful and helpful. You can find a significant amount of information on a ridiculously large number of technologies. Besides, where else can you find forums that discuss Fortran and COBOL? The site is entirely free to use and has a lot of powerful features.

  • is the online element of Redmond Magazine, a publication dedicated to the Microsoft IT community. The site, like the print magazine, offers a lot of resources for all manner of systems administration subjects. The website is free to use, but you can also get a free subscription to the print version of a digital download.

  • If you’ve been around for a long time, you may recall or, which eventually became The site is now one of the largest third-party resources on the Internet, and it offers a lot of information and resources. In addition to the regular information and other content, well-trafficked forums cover a wide range of helpful subjects. The site is entirely free to use.