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Invest in Business Cards while Job Searching via Social Media

If you plan on networking in person in addition to online, you’re going to need business cards. Business cards are an extension of your personal brand (what makes you unique) and are, therefore, important for helping people remember who you are.

Network as best you can through a variety of different social media sites, but all the social networking in the world isn’t guaranteed to get you a job. You still need to put in some traditional networking time — as in interacting with people face to face at networking events.

Some people firmly believe that all the best job opportunities truly come from the relationships you build with people as the result of networking.

The most common job-seeker business card comes from Vistaprint. Vistaprint offers new members 250 free business cards from a selection of 42 designs. However, as soon as you start customizing your card, it’s not free anymore. Although the free option is a good starter, if you’re serious about your personal brand, you may want to consider paying for premium or customized cards.

If you want some nice looking cards that get you comments at networking events, and you’re willing to spend a little cash, then check out Moo Cards. Moo Cards offers many modern designs and sizes on top-quality paper. The MiniCards are particularly popular these days.