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What Is a Video Job Interview?

Video job interviews are becoming more common as technology improves and travel budgets shrink. A video job interview (a form of videoconferencing) is a live, two-way electronic job interview that permits two or more people in different geographic locations to engage in face-to-face visual and audio exchange. Miles separate them: sometimes few, sometimes many, and sometimes oceans.

In the new Webcam-dominated world, the caller and the person on the receiving end need only a computer and a monitor, a Webcam, a microphone and Internet access to do a job interview. Or a more ambitious job interview can be conducted on more sophisticated equipment, such as a television camera (rather than a Webcam) and projected on a television screen (rather than on a computer monitor). Either way, interviewing skills are front and center in a video version.

Here’s how the who and how of video job interviews shake out:

  • High end means traditional technology and assistance used in permanent set-ups (like a TV set) in conference centers, corporate offices, and public rental rooms. High production values typically include costly equipment and professional staff to handle all technical concerns.

  • Mid-level includes intermediate technology outsourced to a specialty video firm by an employer. The middleman contractor may invite job candidates into an office, operate with traditional equipment, or send them a Webcam to use at home for the interview if the candidate does not own a Webcam. Video firm staff provides instructions and tips to job candidates.

  • Low end refers to new Webcam technology used directly between an employer and a candidate who turns a Webcam on himself or herself with no guidance or technical assistance. This is the category where the vast majority of job seekers find themselves: raw beginners at technically setting up or using Webcams. And after mastering the technical aspects, video newbies are inexperienced on the performing requirements.

Consider video interviewing as a new skill set to master. If you can afford it, get video job interview coaching. Otherwise, practice early and practice often, using friends as interviewers. Study TV personalities for presentation behavior.