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Remote Interviews from College Campuses and Job Fairs

When you get ready for job interviews on a college campus or at job fairs, are called remote because they take place away from the company’s home base. You may need to prepare for remote interviews in a college campus interviewing room or at a job fair, for example.

On-campus interviews

Some employers recruit on campuses by setting up interviews through your college’s career center. These are typically screening interviews conducted by company recruiters. If you’re a college senior, snag the interviews you want by learning and using the system. Sign up for resume and job interviewing workshops, make friends with the career center counselors, and ask for job leads.

When you don’t get interview slots you want, check back for last-minute cancellations or additions to the interview schedules.

Job fair interviews

Job fairs are brief but significant encounters in which you hand over documents — either your resume or a summary sheet of your qualifications (carry both types of documents).

Keep in mind the following tips if you plan to attend a job fair:

  • Your objective at a job fair is to land an interview, not get a job. At best, you’ll get a screening interview on the event site.

  • Try to preregister for the job fair, get a list of participating employers, and research those you plan to visit. Your edge is to be better prepared than the competition.

  • Job fair lines are long, so accept the likelihood that you’ll be standing in many lines. Make use of your time by writing up notes from one recruiter while standing in line to meet another.

  • Everyone tries to arrive early, so think about arriving at half-time when the first flood has subsided. Dress professionally, whatever that means in your career field.

  • Work up a branding statement with at least one strong memorable point to say to recruiters — I am in the top 10 percent of my environmental engineering class.

    If there’s no immediate feedback inviting you for an interview, hand over your summary sheet and ask — Do you have positions appropriate for my background? If the answer is positive, your next question is Could we set up an interview? If you don’t get a positive response, continue with Could we talk on the phone next week?

Whether or not you’re able to schedule an interview on the spot, when you leave, hand over your resume. Think of your job fair interaction with recruiters as a major star’s cameo performance in a film: Move in, make a high-profile impression through dress and preparedness, and move on to the next prospect.