Rehearsing Your Presentation before a Job Interview - dummies

Rehearsing Your Presentation before a Job Interview

Allow plenty of time to rehearse your presentation before a job interview. Rehearsing builds confidence and helps your job interview go smoothly. Practice speaking the messages you plan to deliver during the interview — such as a listing of your five top skills, how you will answer questions, and how you will ask questions.

As you rehearse your interviewing presentation, aim for the A-list of candidates by heeding the following hints:

  • Practice focusing your discussion on the employer’s needs. Show that you understand those needs, that you possess the specific skills to handle the job, and that you are in sync with the company culture.

  • Don’t discuss previous rejections. You come off as a constant audition reject.

  • Make eye contact, but don’t try for a laser lock on the interviewer. Imagine two cats in a staring contest — in the animal kingdom, nobody moves until somebody swats. Break the tension — periodically look away.

  • Develop and practice justifiably proud statements of your accomplishments. These statements should relate to the job you want.

  • Practice descriptions of your leadership qualities and initiative. If pressed, you can admit you’ve made a mistake in your career — but rehearse satisfying explanations of how you learned from your one mistake — or two or three.

  • Don’t practice long monologues. Be fair: Split air time with your interviewer.

Coaching experts say rehearsing information helps fix content in your mind. Rehearsing your statements at least five times makes them yours. Practice your scenes until they feel right, until they feel spontaneous. Rehearsing gives you the power to become a confident communicator with the gift of presence. No more nervousness, no more zoning out.