Interview Prep: Following Up - dummies

Thank you letters are one of the easiest — and most overlooked — ways to stand out as a job candidate. Think about it. You've no doubt spent many hours creating your resume, writing cover letters, applying for jobs, and preparing for and going to interviews. What's another ten minutes of your time to write a short note of gratitude? A thank you note helps the interviewer remember who you are (particularly helpful if they've interviewed several candidates over an extended period of time),and it could be the icing on the cake that gets you the job!

Thank you letters should be sent as soon as possible after an interview, but definitely within 24 hours. However, don't write a hastily penned, canned note in the parking lot immediately after your interview. Spend the time to write a professional, meaningful, and personalized letter of gratitude.

Write a different thank you note for every person you meet at your interview and address it to each person by name — including the receptionist or any assistants that may have met you at the start of your interview. Close your thank you letter by expressing your continued interest and enthusiasm for the company and the position.

Watch this video for some follow up tips to keep in mind as you leave your next job interview.