Interview Prep: Dressing the Part - dummies

It may sound cliche, but first impressions are everything, and what you wear to an interview can have a negative or positive impact on how the interviewer sees you. It's important to know the style of the company you're interviewing with. If dress is business casual, you should dress a notch above that, which could include wearing a suit.

If the company you're interviewing with is more casual, it is appropriate for you to wear khakis with a suitable dress shirt. If you're not sure what to wear, being overdressed is better than being underdressed, and choosing a more conservative outfit will serve you well. You want the interviewer to remember you for your skills, not what you wore to the interview!

Your clothing should be pressed and paired with appropriate footwear. Men should choose a fashionable tie that isn't too loud, and women should choose tasteful jewelry to accent their outfit. Hair should be combed neatly and women should be careful to not apply too much makeup. Choose a light fragrance or skip the perfume and cologne altogether to not offend anyone with a heightened sense of smell.

Watch this video for some ideas on how to dress your best for your next job interview.