Interview Prep: Body Language - dummies

Demonstrating positive body language is just as important as the outfit you wear to the interview. Positive body language can indicate self-confidence and make a big impression on the interviewer that will stick with them long after the interview is over.

Walk into the room with your head up and a smile on your face. Smiling shows that you're confident, happy to be there, and can also help put the interviewer at ease. Engage with the interviewer by sitting at the edge of your seat with good posture, leaning slightly forward, and making eye contact. Fold your hands and place them on your lap if you aren’t sure what else to do with them. Nod and use other gestures to indicate attentive listening when the interviewer is speaking. When it is time to say goodbye, be sure to shake hands with a firm grip.

Practice your posture and smile in the mirror. Have a friend or relative play the part of the interviewer to help you practice your handshake. This person could also ask you a few practice interview questions and watch your response to make sure you are making eye contact with them as you speak.

Watch this video for some body language tips to keep in mind as you walk into your next job interview.