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Install LinkedIn Applications to Stand Out to Hiring Managers

Add a bit of color and personality to your LinkedIn profile by installing LinkedIn’s applications. These third-party plug-ins add functionality and can make your profile stand out to hiring managers. Every month or so, new applications are released, and each one adds another layer of functionality to your profile. Following are some of the more popular applications:

  • The Amazon reading list: This application allows you to tell the world what books you’re currently reading, have already read, or intend to read.

  • The WordPress RSS reader: This application streams your blog posts right onto your profile.

  • The SlideShare slideshow tool: With this application, any slides you’ve uploaded to SlideShare can be displayed on your profile to show off your PowerPoint skills.

To access these and other applications, navigate to the More menu (in the gray banner at the top of the page) and choose the Get More Applications link. From there, you can explore all sorts of LinkedIn applications. To install one, just click on the icon and then click on the Add Application button.


Installing the Reading List by Amazon application. The book you’re reading now speaks volumes about who you are. Constantly reading and staying up-to-date about your industry is the best way to demonstrate your passion and motivation for that industry.


Also the book covers add some color and personality to your profile. So pick two industry-relevant books that are easily recognized as new and cutting-edge and then add them to your Amazon reading list with a sentence below each stating why you think the book is important.