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How to Write an Online Recommendation for Others in Your Network

At some point, someone will ask you to write a recommendation. Or you may just feel compelled to offer a recommendation, unsolicited, to someone you appreciate. Just be sure you recommend only people who you can honestly vouch for. Remember that your reputation is on the line, too.

Keep the following pointers in mind when writing online recommendations:

  • Be brief. Your recommendation should be five to ten sentences or 150 words max.

  • Lead with a strong statement. For example, “I’ve worked with Cathy on several projects, and each time, I come away inspired by her energy and creativity.”

  • Remember that you’re helping to sell the other person. Don’t be afraid to boast a little bit about the person you’re recommending. Tell why she’s so great and why an organization would be lucky to have her.

  • Back up your statements with concrete details. Was there a specific incident that your person totally rocked at? If so, make sure to mention it.

  • Use the rule of three. Keep to three main points and three supporting examples. Using three points and examples makes the referral easier to remember.

  • Be open to getting corrected. The receiver of your endorsement may want to correct your memory of things. Be open if someone asks you to adjust some detail in a recommendation you wrote.