How to Use a Vertical Job Search Engine - dummies

How to Use a Vertical Job Search Engine

All vertical job search engines — such as,, and — include specific instructions on how to use them. However, the basic steps for using VJSEs are similar.

Here are the general steps you’re likely to follow when using a vertical job search engine:

  1. Create a personal account.

    Register with one or several verticals. Many job listings will appear on all the verticals because, with exceptions, they pull their inventory from the same places.

  2. Decide how to receive the jobs.

    You may prefer daily or weekly job alerts. Or you may choose an RSS feed to have job ads sent as they are posted directly to your computer or handheld device.

  3. Set preferences.

    Use the preferences setting to select the jobs you want to show on your results page. You may select to show results based only on location (ZIP codes) or timeliness, for example.

  4. Become familiar with related options on the vertical site.

    Options vary by vertical but may include such extras as a map of the job’s location, salary market information, company research, or potential contacts inside the target company.

  5. Narrow your search. Drill down through the job listings to be as specific as possible to get to the jobs you want.

    Quality — not quantity — counts most. Look for freshness of the listing and those jobs that are relevant to your preferences. Search on skills, interests, and location.

  6. Track and save your searches.

    Each vertical allows you to save your searches on its site. Doing so enables you to manage the most current and desirable listings.

  7. Upgrade to advanced search, if you need it.

    If you’re drowning in job listings or seem to be missing the mark, try using the vertical’s advanced search feature. You can search by such criteria as keywords, words in job title, company, type of job, and location.