How to Reply to Job Posts with a Cover Note - dummies

How to Reply to Job Posts with a Cover Note

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

When you spot an advertised job on any recruiting platform (mobile, web, or print), consider responding with a variation on one of the following ten sample opening statements. Pair it with a strong closing statement, and you’ll look like a candidate worthy of serious consideration:

  • Checking paid off. Although I’m employed, I’ve been looking for the right opportunity to work for your company, and last night I found it! The requirements of your position #80440 for a regional distribution manager fit me exactly, from my B.A. in Economics to my fleet maintenance managerial experience.

  • After spotting your need for a top-shelf multitasker and plate-spinner with a proven track record of project management, I have three words: Count me in. I can put a checkmark beside each requirement you list, as my resume confirms.

  • Your posting on my job app to recruit a capable, self-motivated representative for customer service describes a position for which I am well credentialed. My record of increased and varied responsibilities in a pressure-cooker environment has prepared me for solving problems quickly and juggling multiple assignments with cost-saving success.

  • When I saw your call for a mobile software engineer on Dice today, I thought someone had told you about my background and you were paging me: Excellent C/C++, 2+ years of software engineering experience from the mobile games industry, experience in Android, and much more. I hope that my resume will make your day, just as your posting made mine.

  • RE: Executive Assistant, May l5 Craigslist Phoenix: My resume follows. I’m an experienced EA to senior management, offering strong digital skills, time management, organization, scheduling, prioritizing, and gatekeeping grace, as well as a reputation for loyalty and confidentiality.

  • Please consider me for your advertised office administrator position (Chicago Tribune, June 7). As assistant office administrator, I have successfully introduced systems, processes, and techniques that boost productivity, save money, and promote satisfaction from support staff. Please find more information in my resume.

  • Hello! Your recent posting for an entry-level accountant seems to be exactly the kind of position for which I have diligently prepared, and it appears to require the skills [identify a few skills] and experience I acquired in my previous internship assignments. My resume follows for your review.

  • I am contacting you with enormous interest in your recent job post I found on the [name] app for [identify position]. My qualifications, as outlined in the following resume, appear to be a terrific match with the requirements listed for this position. I offer [identify several relevant skills] that should meet your challenging position with abilities to spare.

  • [Name of] job app posted your attractive offer #120632, which is based in Portland. My wife and I are relocating to Portland because of her recent agreement to become the assistant administrator of St. Christopher’s Hospital by September 1.

    I relocate with an excellent reputation in the [identify industry] as a product manager who can deliver shareholder value and launch new products with flair. Some specific accomplishments are described in my resume.

  • After reading your posting for an EXPRESS DELIVERY FACILITY OPERATIONS COORDINATOR, my qualifications should more than meet your requirements, as my resume confirms. I will leave the U.S. Marine Corps in two months. If you want to meet with me sooner, we could meet each other on Skype or video.