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How to Maximize YouTube to Get a Job in Social Media

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

YouTube is the third most trafficked site in the world behind only Google and Facebook. If you plan to work in social media, you had better get on board! The even better news is that YouTube plays nicely with Google (since Google owns YouTube) and also integrates very well with Facebook for the time being. Ultimately, YouTube performs extremely well with search engines and video is arguably the most engaging form of content out there.

The challenge with YouTube is that videos are consumed in seconds. It’s hard to capture someone’s attention, much less get them to share what you offer.

Keep this in mind:

  • Focus on solving problems. Resist the urge to create videos where you talk about what you want to talk about. Solve problems. Focus on one specific influencer and sufficiently answer his question.

  • Showcase decent quality. If you’re recording screen captures, use gamer headphones or another decent microphone. This shouldn’t cost more than $100. If you go down the more expensive route with live video, then use a digital SLR camera, wireless lavalier microphone, and softbox light fixtures. All told, you’ll spend about $750 — but you’ll produce top‐notch video that stands out from the ­competition.

  • Know what makes you different. It’s important to understand why people watch your videos. Consider creating a unique selling proposition (USP) and succinctly answering why your target audience should watch your video. After you answer that question, stick to it.

  • Create titles and descriptions for people. Your tendency might be to create videos that perform well with search engines. Create titles that are an exact match for what people are looking for as your video has a much higher propensity for being found.

  • Collaborate with other YouTubers. Create opportunities to leverage both audiences by appearing in each other’s videos. Do this as often as possible!

Include a link in your YouTube description that takes people to your blog or website! Put the link in the very first line of text. Tell people what they can gain by watching your video, and give a call to action to click the URL.

Find what works best for your presentation style, and more importantly, your audience. The Internet never forgets, so content that you put up once will receive residual traffic and can offer you benefits for years to come. The more video content that you have, the more potential opportunities that you’ll create for yourself in the long run!