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How to Keep Current with Market Developments to Get a Job in Big Data

By Jason Williamson

As you consider making a career move into big data, you may feel as though you’re hopelessly drowning in a list of technologies to tackle while new ones keep popping up. Although there is a lot to learn, you can do a few things to make sure you’re staying current:

  • Don’t worry about trends. You’re probably not a stock analyst, technology writer, or any other person who makes money by predicting the technology future. Don’t worry too much. Settle into these foundational technologies and let the trends come to you.

    If you’re interested in trends, one way to keep up with them is to join LinkedIn groups and see what others in your field are reporting.

  • Stay plugged into the community. All the major technologies have thriving online communities, active blogs, rich tutorials, and a glut of white papers. Find the ones you think will add value to your career path and stick to it.

  • Watch the innovators. The innovative Internet companies like Amazon, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others have pioneered many of these technologies to enable their services for the public. They work within a very collaborative environment, and many of their contributions make it to the open-source community.

This is an exciting, dynamic, and growing field. Learning, discovery, and curiosity are core values of big data and those who aim to master it.