How to Electrify Employers: Employ a Prezi - dummies

How to Electrify Employers: Employ a Prezi

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Not many people know much about prezis. This deficit can well work for you in your job search because it offers a chance to jump ahead of the pack and stand out from your competition.

Prezi fundamentals

A prezi is relatively new presentation software that explodes with excitement on a computer screen. At a viewer’s direction, topics zoom in and out of the spotlight — what tech buffs call “a zooming user interface.” No one falls asleep watching a prezi.

The word prezi in lowercase letters is a short form of the Hungarian word for “presentation.”

The capitalized word Prezi refers to the leading commercial company for prezis: The company’s presentation templates are free to job seekers. If you’ve never seen an example of this high-octane technology and want to jump right in, the website is the place to start.

Prezi job seeker samples

To quickly grasp how a job seeker’s prezi impacts viewers, get blown away by viewing the following samples.

The basic navigation principle for a prezi is “follow the arrows.” (If you still can’t figure out how to jump from one stunning attraction to another, beg a teenager for help.) Check out this trio: