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How to Create Your VisualCV Multimedia Portfolio

One of the unique features of VisualCV is the ability to integrate multimedia portfolios alongside a traditional résumé. Your portfolio is where you upload and store tangible evidence (in the form of documents, images, videos, or audio clips) of your capabilities and accomplishments. You can add items from your portfolio to each VisualCV you create, which is particularly great for professionals in creative industries such as design or advertising.

You need to upload items to your portfolio first before you can integrate them into your CV.

Think about work samples, videos, PDFs, images, and anything else you can use to tell your story to a potential employer. Make a list of such items for your reference and then follow these steps to upload them to your portfolio storage area:

  1. Click on the triangle next to the You link on any page, and then click on Your Portfolio.

  2. On the Portfolio page, click the Upload New button.

  3. On the Upload New file page, click on Browse to locate the file on your computer.

  4. Type a title to help you organize the item in your portfolio, and then click on Upload.

You can also link YouTube and Yahoo! videos as well as slides from SlideShare.

After you’ve uploaded work samples to your storage area, you can choose which items to include in the Portfolio sections of your VisualCV. You don’t need to send all your work samples with every job application; considering the requirements of each position and customizing your portfolios accordingly are important.

Here’s how to add portfolio items to a VisualCV:

  1. Switch to the VisualCV you want to change or edit (if you’re not there already) and click on Edit.

  2. Add a portfolio section to the main column or sidebar by clicking on the Portfolio button at the top of the page.

  3. Change the title of the portfolio section by clicking on the title.

    Choose something like “Professional Work Sample”; then click on OK.

  4. Choose whether you want to display two, three, or four portfolio items in each row.

  5. Click on Add a Portfolio Item; then click on the placeholder.

  6. Select the portfolio item you want to add.

  7. Choose a click-through behavior for images, documents, videos, or audio clips.

    This action determines what happens when someone clicks. It may link somewhere, open up a lightbox to zoom in, and so on.

  8. Type a title and description for the item.

  9. Click on Save.