How to Complete E-Form Job Applications - dummies

How to Complete E-Form Job Applications

The e-form job application is a shorter version of a plain text resume, usually found on company Web sites. You add information to an e-form by entering the data within the designated fields of the form located on the company Web site.

Keep in mind the following information when filling out e-forms:

  • The e-form is almost like a paper job application form, except that it lacks the legal document status an application form acquires when you sign it, certifying that all facts are true.

  • You should follow the on-screen instructions given by each employer to cut and paste the requested information into the site’s template. You’re basically just filling in the blanks with your contact information that’s supplemented by data lifted from your plain text resume.

  • Spell check doesn’t work on e-forms, so cut and paste your resume into the e-form body instead of typing it in manually. Because you spell checked your resume (of course, you did!), at least you know that everything is likely to be spelled correctly in the e-form.

Virtually all company Web sites now encourage you to apply online through their applicant portals. You’re asked to fill out an online form, upload, or cut and paste your resume. Most companies ask you to answer demographic questions about race, gender, and so forth as a way of collecting data for the EEOC. You aren’t required to include this information to be considered for employment. Nevertheless, women and minorities are well advised to oblige the demographics request.

E-forms work well for job seekers in high-demand occupations, such as nursing, but they don’t work so well for job seekers who need to document motivation, good attitude, and other personal characteristics and achievements that computers don’t search for. When you rely on an e-form to get an employer’s attention, you’re playing 100 percent on the employer’s turf.