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How to Add a Sound Bite to Online Profiles

Add some punch to your online profile by including an audio sound bite. Keep the audio sound bite in your online profile short — perhaps 15 to 20 seconds. For a topic, you can give your branding statement — who you are and what you bring to an employer’s table.

You can also insert a video bite into your profile, but an audio bite is easier to do well and is likely to be more acceptable to employers for several reasons, including these two:

  • Employers are reluctant to accept video resumes for fear of bias claims from job seekers based on such visuals as age, ethnicity, or disability. Their reluctance presumably extends to short online profile video bites.

    With the exception of performing arts and other jobs where looks matter for business reasons, cautious employers don’t want to see what you look like in a video or even in a photo until you’ve walked in the door for your interview.

  • Most people aren’t great at public speaking, and being in front of a camera is even harder. You may do yourself more harm than good if you’re not an accomplished presenter.

If you’d like to enliven your online profile with a dash of audio or video, but are a little shaky on the technical side, here’s the step-by-step drill:

  1. Determine the type of audio or video file you must upload to the host site.

    The host site, not you, decides what it will accept. LinkedIn, for example, allows you to import JPG, BMP, or PNC files to your profile. But other profile hosting sites allow you to upload a WMV or Mac format video, or a WMA or MP3 or MP4 audio file.

    If you want to know more — or anything at all — about the above file types, look them up in Webopedia.

  2. To find the type of file the host site will accept, look on the site’s profile edit page, or a subsequent page.

    When you’re not sure what’s acceptable, you can enter audio or video in the host’s content search box or help screen.

  3. Still puzzled? Befriend a geek.