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How Google Can Help You Find a Local Job

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Most people don’t use 0.01 percent of the endless and expanding cosmos of Google. In addition to Google’s default general search, it offers plenty of options to reach out for facts, figures, and futures, as you’ll vividly realize by examining the following two websites.

Google Local

A Google Local page features a map you can adjust to highlight your own target work area. Type the city and state or Zip Code you want into the Google search bar.

Use the Google search bar at the top for your query. For example, if you want to work for a hospital, type the word hospital into the search bar; the map then lights up with dots indicating the locations of hospitals near you.

On the map, the dots that Google thinks are more relevant to you have little lettered flags that correspond to information in the left column of the page (usually), like the website, contact information, and sometimes reviews. Result: Potential target employers’ locations and commute.

Google News

Google News is another tip-off to what’s going on in a local job market: local employers that are growing bigger companies (or shrinking them), businesspeople who are becoming increasingly visible, and changing laws that may impact your work life.

More Google Secrets

Latch on to still more job-finding nuggets from search authority Susan P. Joyce. Look online for “Guide to Using Google for Job Search,” a free collection of how-to articles on