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How Google Alerts Can Keep You Up-to-Date about Job Opportunities

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Using Google Alerts as part of your job search, you can see what employers are finding out about you when they track what’s visible for your name. You can also monitor what’s happening in your industry or to a competitor. The Google Alert site explains the mechanics, including the following two key options:

  • Do you want Google to search for one or more versions of your name? (Hint: Choose all versions of your name.)

  • Do you want Google to send you updates as they happen, once a day, or once a week? (Hint: Once a day works well for most job seekers.)

As a job seeker, you can find many uses for Google Alerts, as the following three categories suggest:

  • Research employers. When you’re interested in employers that are reputed to be good places to work, that pay reasonably well, and that hold good prospects for the future, set up a comprehensive Google Alert for the employer by name, followed by the word jobs.

    When you want to shadow more than a single company, you can specify as many as eight companies, as long as you string them together with the word OR spelled in capital letters. Write a three-company query like this:

    jobs “Company A” OR “Company B” OR “Company C”

  • Research new local jobs. Suppose that you live in Michigan — or want to relocate to Michigan — and want to get a heads-up when a Michigan employer plans to expand and add new jobs. Write it like this:

    “new jobs” OR “expansion” Michigan

    If you’re interested in only jobs in Detroit, change Michigan to Detroit.

  • Research industries. When you’re interested in a specific industry, set up a Google Alert for that industry (or career field). Google then keeps you in the loop with industry updates, and you’ll be the smartest candidate in the interview room.