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How Get New Job Postings with RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a wonderful way to get the first word when a new job is posted. RSS technology sends free live feeds to your computer or handheld device with the latest jobs from thousands of employers and job sites. You may be familiar with free online job search agents at major job boards that periodically send e-mail alerts about jobs that meet your search criteria. However, an RSS feed delivers information on a more timely basis.

The evolution of technology that is designed to give you a heads-up when a job you want becomes available can be compared to the difference between periodic television network news programming and all-news cable television. Instead of having to watch the news at 6 p.m. or 11 p.m., you can watch late-breaking news on your timetable 24/7.

Why RSS?

RSS job feeds outpace older e-mail job agents in three ways: efficiency, relevance, and timeliness. Here’s how it works:

  • Sending RSS job feeds to your RSS reader program prevents e-mail job alerts from clogging your in-box.

  • RSS feeds are said to more closely target your stated requirements. Like an advanced search, you get a closer match to what you want. For example, if you’re an accountant and you want a job in Milwaukee, an e-mail search agent might return everything with the term “accountant” or its variations, such as accounting for lost automobiles in Milwaukee. RSS job feeds are programmed to mirror your wishes.

    The feeds can be programmed to also include breaking news in industry concerns, information that could put you at the head of the line in job interviews.

Getting started with RSS feeds

How do you read an RSS feed? You can receive RSS feeds in a few different ways. You can download a news reader program, many of which are free; use your Web browser to search for “free newsreader program.”

Alternatively, some browsers and Web sites offer similar news-reader ability already built in. Vertical job search engines give simple instructions on how to add their live job feeds to your computer or mobile devices. And if you’re really unsure, use your Web browser to search for “install an RSS reader.”