Graphical Social Media Jobs - dummies

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Graphics are in social media’s DNA. If a company doesn’t have consistent, attractive graphical presentation, it’s going to lose. This branding becomes even more important on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, where most content is visual.

This sequence of jobs, from entry level to expert, is available for graphic designers within social media:

  • Graphic design internship

  • Marketing assistant graphic designer

  • Graphic designer

  • Creative director

These positions don’t have to happen in order. For instance, as an intern you might be promoted to full‐time graphic design rather than to a junior role.

Graphic designers in social media typically have the following skill sets:

  • Mastery of a graphics suite. Some companies are slanted toward Adobe, and others prefer Microsoft or open‐source programs. A graphic designer knows how to use at least one, if not all three, of the suites.

  • A firm understanding of effective social media content. A polished social media graphic designer knows exactly what type of content performs on each platform. For example, animated GIFs are native to Tumblr and work well on Google+, whereas a picture quote is more likely to be shared on Facebook.

  • Continuously providing ideas and solutions about how the company can grow brand equity, leads, sales and overall social media ROI from a graphical standpoint.

  • Knowledge about the latest trends in graphic design. The designer will know that the design itself must embody the tone, values, and voice of the brand as well.

Graphic design jobs in social media typically include the following tasks:

  • Create attractive landing page websites that go with specific social media platforms.

  • Develop animated GIFs for sites such as Google+ or Tumblr. An animated GIF is a sequence of images that are combined to look like a video.

  • Design periodicals such as white papers, ebooks, press releases, and other short promotional pieces for release on websites and professional social media sites.

  • Create informative, attractive infographics for sources such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Ensure consistently branded profile pictures, icons, favicons (16‐x‐16 images in a website tab), header images (large images within a social media profile), and status updates across multiple social media accounts.

  • Form platform‐specific images for social media campaigns.

Be willing to bring more important deliverables to the table when exploring a social media job related to graphic design.