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Good Letter Closers for Mobile Job Applications

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

When you make closing statements in your mobile job search message, you have a choice in how assertive you want to be. Do you want to communicate with warmth and friendliness, such as “Hoping to hear from you soon about the job,” or show confidence by closing with the type of statement sales teams and many experienced job seekers use? Maybe you’ll aim for a closing statement somewhere in between.

Consider this assortment of closing statements to inspire you:

  • My resume encapsulates my candidate package, but a personal meeting would better reveal my qualifications and fit for your company. Can we talk? Please call me at [smartphone number].

  • If you like what you see on my resume, I’ll be happy to hear from you on when we can meet and talk.

  • I’d appreciate the opportunity to translate my past accomplishments into future benefits for your company. Please call me at [number] or e-mail me at [address].

  • As you requested, here’s my resume. I’ll check back with you next week to flesh out any blank areas. Many thanks for your interest.

  • My resume follows. I’ll follow up by phone next week to answer any questions you may have.

  • Thank you in advance for reviewing my resume. I enthusiastically look forward to discussing my qualifications in an interview. I’ll e-mail you on Thursday to see when that might be possible.

  • I hope to play an active role in the future prosperity of your organization. I’ll contact you next week to talk about this job or related positions for which I have the qualifications to deliver A+ results.

  • My school term will be over May 23 and I will be available to begin work the next day if you are considering adding me to your summer recreational staff. I appreciate your valuable time spent reading my resume. Many thanks.

  • Analysis of your job ad suggests that I am well qualified to provide the education and teamwork fit that you specify. I look forward to hearing from you soon. my mobile phone number is [number]; my e-mail address is [address].

  • My resume follows. Thanks for reading it and not letting it drop out of sight in an ATS. I can bring in revenue for your company. Please respond to me at [mobile phone number] or [e-mail address].

  • I look forward to a discussion of why I’m the best candidate for this opportunity. my e-mail is [address]; my phone is [number].

  • I hope to hear from you ASAP because I already have an attractive offer and need to reply, but your position sounds totally and incredibly perfect for my qualifications. my cell phone: [number].

  • I very much enjoyed talking with you on video and look forward to meeting with you in person sooner rather than later. E-mail me at [e-mail address].

  • Do you need more than my resume provides? Please call me at [number] at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

  • I’m fired up about the employment opportunities within your organization and hope to explore contributions I can make. After checking out my resume, it would be great if you could e-mail me this week to let me know when your calendar is open. Looking forward to it.

  • Your time is valuable, and I appreciate your consideration. That’s why I’ll call you next week to answer any questions you may have. Or if staffing this position is time sensitive, you can reach me at [number].

  • I welcome a personal interview to discuss how my qualifications can augment your company’s excellent reputation for marketing acumen. I’ll e-mail you on Thursday to see if we can meet and when.

  • My salary needs are in line with the [job title] description and what I bring in abilities and experience. I’ll contact you this week to see when we can explore specifics. Or if you need to reach me sooner, my mobile number is [number].

  • You’re an ace for reading my resume. I ask to meet with you personally if you have an interest in my professional potential following my June graduation with a B.S.B.A. in Accounting. I will follow up with you next week to see if and when we can interview. Crossing my fingers.

  • My internship experience and education [name of degree and major], coupled with my eagerness to learn and drive to achieve, make me a potential excellent hire decision for your company. Can we discuss available positions coming up after May?