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Getting a Coding Job: Learn to Code with Mentors

By Nikhil Abraham

There is no shortage of content or coding topics to learn to get the coding job you want. As you start your path down any one of these roads, you’ll have questions, get stuck, or just need encouragement. Although you are learning by yourself, you can find mentors to support you on your journey and help you make progress.

Mentoring can be expensive, but the cost depends on how much time and assistance you need. If you’re taking a Codecademy course or viewing a lecture on Coursera and need an hour or two of ad‐hoc help occasionally, check out these hourly services to connect with a mentor:

  • Over 2,000 expert developers are available to help you debug and review your code. Experts set their own rates, which range from $60 to $300 per hour.

  • Experts in over 800 categories, including HTML, JavaScript, and Ruby, connect with you instantly for one‐on‐one help. Rates start at $10 for a 15‐minute session, and the website displays experts who are online and available to help.

    Expert coding mentor services provide live video, chat, and screen sharing.
    Expert coding mentor services provide live video, chat, and screen sharing.
  • Users pay $1 per minute for on‐demand help across a variety of programming languages. After you connect to an expert, you have an initial 5‐minute grace period at no charge to assess whether the expert is the right person to assist with your problem.

You may want to occasionally ask for help from mentoring sites such as AirPair. Expert‐led coding instruction typically involves a curriculum along with mentor check‐ins, office hours, a discussion group, and live chat. These fuller and more supported services work well if you have some money to spend on your coding education but don’t want to pay $10,000 for a high‐intensity coding boot camp.

Some options for mentor‐led coding instruction include the following:

  • Along with courses in web development, design, data science, iOS, and Android programming, Thinkful matches you with a mentor for weekly 45‐minute sessions and offers open office hours. Students pay $500 per month, and typically finish one subject in three months.

  • Similar to Thinkful but with fewer classes, CareerFoundry has a custom curriculum for web development and design, along with weekly mentor sessions and a group chat. The course includes 12 mentor sessions and costs $1,680.

  • Bloc has programs in web and mobile development as well as design. The fee is $4,500 per course and includes 36 mentor sessions over 12 to 36 weeks.