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Get Hired by Beginning a Cover Note with References

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Repeated annual surveys of big company hiring sources by CareerXRoads show that a job candidate who introduces himself in his cover letter with an employee referral is four to seven times more likely to be hired than a candidate who arrives unknown.

The referral magic also continues to boost your chances when you arrive with an introduction (an implied reference) from others the hiring boss knows.

The following mobile message opening samples mention a name or a connection that warms your welcome:

  • Virginia Springer gave me your name today and recommended that I contact you ASAP. As a newly graduated dental hygienist, I am appreciative of being referred to a leading dentist for consideration as an addition to your staff. I am proficient in general prophylaxis, charting, patient education, ultrasonic scaling, and other modern dental office skills.

    Can we explore an employment acquisition: me?

  • Judge Edward Guevara of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, for whom I clerked, recommends me to you for inclusion in your law firm. Judge Marvin Helens of San Diego Superior Courts seconds that recommendation.

    I’m enthusiastic about providing you with a close-up of my professional value. Until we meet, thank you for your consideration. My resume follows.

  • Dr. Lee Payne, our mutual dentist, says you’ll be happier spending time with me than with him. Aside from that lame joke, I do have demonstrated financial management skills you may be able to make good use of on a contract basis.

    After running my own business for 25 years, I like the idea of working with younger people who could use someone with a broad range of financial and operations management experience to keep a small firm operating in the black. My resume follows.

  • Jorge Luna Sandoval tells me you’re in the market for a dependable, fully insured subcontractor who can do almost all types of construction to manage your tenant improvement projects. Yes, I can do it all: electrical, carpentry, painting, and all finishes. I know materials and costs. My references verify my on-time and on-budget results. My resume follows. Can we schedule an interview?

  • Yvonne Fischer certainly throws good parties, don’t you think? I very much enjoyed talking with you at Yvonne’s home and am responding to your kind invitation to send you my resume to be shown to your company’s hiring managers. Yes, I’m definitely interested in upcoming openings at your office. Thanks very much. You already have my e-mail address, but my phone is 444-222-6666 — and I love its ring tone!