Finding Social Media Job Listings and Researching Companies - dummies

Finding Social Media Job Listings and Researching Companies

By Brooks Briz, David Rose

Part of Getting a Social Media Job For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Finding social media job listings and researching a company you’re interested in is easier online if you know some search tips. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level social media job or are ready for team management, finding hidden job listings — even deep in a company’s website — is possible with these techniques.

Approach What to Include Example
Mix up the search. If you’re searching for a company that uses an
ampersand (&) in its name, try searching with and without the
ampersand. Also, try replacing the ampersand with the word and.
Search with, and without, abbreviations.
noodles & company
noodles and company
noodles & co
Use job. Include the word job or jobs (or career/careers) at the
beginning of your search entry.
Job social media
Put specific job titles inside quotation marks. The marks make the search engine look for the exact
“Social Media Manager”
“Director of Marketing and Social Media”
Try a search with and or or. Use the word OR or AND, in all capital letters, between two
or more options.
manager OR director AND social media OR marketing OR pr OR
public relations
Exclude results. As you narrow down results, you may want to remove details
that don’t apply to your search. Use a minus sign (–) in
front of the word you wish to exclude.
“Media Manager” -print
Focus your search on a specific site. You delve deep into a company’s website. Type site: followed
by the domain name you want searched. Don’t put a space
between site: and the domain name. jobs
“social media” job
Blend technique. Combine the techniques into one long search
“media” OR “social” OR “marketing” job OR jobs AND (California OR CA)