Enhance Job Search Letters with Performance Verbs - dummies

Enhance Job Search Letters with Performance Verbs

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

Part of Job Search Letters For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Do your job search letters merely limp along, chugging and wheezing to the finish line? Energize your messages with robust verbs that present you as a “can do” person. Compelling content is the number one eye-candy that causes recruiters to elevate you from the crowd. So be sure to use the following performance verbs to gain a step up in presenting your skills in your job search letters:

accelerated checked formulated persuaded
accomplished communicated implemented promoted
achieved completed increased recommended
acquired conducted innovated revitalized
acted contacted integrated solved
administered counseled investigated staffed
advanced determined managed streamlined
advised devised maximized supervised
analyzed directed minimized taught
arranged employed negotiated trained
attained evaluated organized won
certified expanded performed