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Earn Green Stars in LinkedIn’s Answers Section

Earning a green star in LinkedIn’s Answers section is a great way to build credibility, demonstrate expertise, and show that you’re motivated in your industry. Hiring managers viewing your LinkedIn profile will take note of these green stars.

LinkedIn’s question and answer forum lets anyone ask a question and then anyone on LinkedIn can answer it. (Although you can choose to limit who can see and answer your question, this question and answer forum isn’t necessarily limited to people in your individual network.)

The asker of the question can then rank one answer as the top answer. Winners of the top answer get a green star right on their profile.

Finding new questions to answer can be a fun part of your online networking routine. And for five minutes a day, it can’t hurt!

Any grammar mistakes or typos you make in the question and answer forum are seen by millions of people. So be sure to check your spelling and edit your answer (or question). Good, well-thought-out responses can do wonders for building your personal brand.

To use the Answers section on LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the More menu in the top navigation bar and choose Answers.

  2. Click on the Answer Questions tab at the top, which defaults to Open Questions.

    For the questions in the Open Questions tab, the top answer hasn’t been picked yet, so you still have a chance of getting the green star.

  3. Find a question you think you can answer intelligently and answer it.

    You can browse by category on the right side of the Open Questions page to refine the questions to your area of expertise.

  4. Send a note to the asker and ask whether your answer was helpful.

    In the same window where you type in your answer, you can include a private note to the asker. Most people don’t bother with a personal note, so this personal touch may increase your chances of getting the green star.