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Crossover Skills Language to Include in a Job Letter

By Joyce Lain Kennedy

If you’re searching for a job in an industry other than the one in which you’ve worked most of your career, you want to be sure to highlight the ways the skills you have can cross over into a new industry. These are known as crossover skills.

Read through the following checklist of crossover skills. Mark the words and terms that truthfully apply to you. Include the terms as part of your skills language to use for job search documents and job interviews.

Speaking of interviews, when you claim ownership of a specific skill, be prepared in interviews to give a brief example of how you used that skill and its benefits. If you’re asked and all you can come up with on the spot is babble, the interviewer will think you’re an inventor, but not the good kind.

While these checklists aren’t exhaustive, they’re a good start; you may think of other words and terms to use as well.


Accelerating Accomplishing Accounting
Accuracy Achieving Activating
Active Active learning Active listening
Adapting Addressing Adjusting
Administering Advertising Advising
Aiding Allocating Altering
Amending Analyzing behavior Analyzing costs
Announcing Anticipating Appearance
Application Appointing Appraising
Appreciation Arbitrating Argumentation
Arranging Articulation Assembling
Assessing cost Assessing damage Assigning
Assisting Attaining Attending
Auditing Augmenting Authoring


Balancing Bargaining Blending
Bookkeeping Boosting Bridging
Briefing Budgeting Building


Calculating Calibrating Cataloging
Categorizing Chairing Charting
Checking Clarifying Classifying
Clerical ability Coaching Coaxing
Cognizance Coherence Collaborative
Combining Comforting Commanding
Communicating Comparing Competence
Compiling Complimenting Composing
Compromising Computing Condensing
Conducting Confidentiality Conflict resolution
Conforming Confronting Consolidating
Constructing Consulting Contingency planning
Contracting Controlling Converting
Convincing Cooperation Coordinating
Copying Correcting Correlating
Corresponding Counseling Counteracting
Counterbalancing Counting Creating
Creative writing Crisis management


Data collecting Data entry Debating
Decision making Deductive reasoning Defending
Defining problems Delegating Delivering
Demonstrating Depicting Describing
Designating Designing Detecting
Developing ideas Devising Diagnosing
Diagramming Diplomacy Directing
Discretion Discussing Dispatching
Dispensing Displaying Distributing
Diversifying Diverting Documenting
Drafting Drawing Duplicating


Editing Educating Effecting change
Elevating Eliminating Empowering
Enabling Enacting Encouraging
Engineering a plan Enhancing Enlarging
Enlisting Enlivening Enriching
Envisioning Equalizing Escalating
Establishing objectives Establishing priorities Estimating
Evaluating Examining Exchanging information
Executing a plan Exhibiting Expanding
Expediting Extracting


Fabricating Facilitating Figuring
Filing Finding Finishing
Fixing Fluency Following through
Forecasting Foresight Forging
Forming Formulating Fostering
Founding Framing Fulfilling
Fundraising Furthering


Gauging Generalizing Generating
Grammar Graphics Grouping
Guessing Guiding


Handling complaints Harmonizing Heading
Healing Helpful Hypothesizing


Identifying alternatives Identifying causes Identifying downstream consequences
Identifying issues Identifying needs Identifying principles
Identifying problems Illuminating Illustrating
Impartial Implementing Improving
Incitement Increasing Indexing
Indoctrinating Inductive Inductive reasoning
Influencing Information gathering Information management
Information organization Information receiving Informing
Infusing Insightful Inspecting
Inspiring Installation Instilling
Instituting Instruction Integration
Interaction Interceding Interpersonal skills
Interpretation Interrupting Intervening
Interviewing Introducing Investigation
Isolating Itemizing


Joining Judgment


Keeping deadlines Keyboarding Knowledge of subject


Language Launching Laying
Leadership Learning Lecturing
Listening for content Listening for context Listening for directions
Listening for emotional meaning Listing Locating
Logical reasoning Long-term planning


Maintaining confidentiality Maintenance Managing
Maneuvering Manipulation Mapping
Marketing Masking Matching
Mathematics Measuring Mechanical ability
Mediating Meeting Mending
Mentoring Merchandising Minding machines
Minimizing Modeling Moderating
Modifying Modulating Molding
Money management Monitoring Motivating


Negotiating Nonpartisan Number skills
Nursing Nurturing


Objectivity Observing Operating vehicles
Operations analysis Oral communication Oral comprehension
Orchestrating Organizational Organizing
Outfitting Outlining Outreach
Overhauling Overseeing


Pacifying Paraphrasing Participating
Patterning Perceiving Perfecting
Performing Persuasion Photography
Picturing Pinpointing Planning
Plotting Policy-making Polishing
Politicking Popularizing Portraying
Precision Prediction Preparation
Presentation Printing Prioritizing
Probing Problem solving Processing
Producing Professional Prognostication
Program design Program developing Program implementation
Projection Promoting Proofreading
Proposing Protecting Providing
Public speaking Publicizing Publishing


Quality control


Raising Ranking Readiness
Reading comprehension Reasoning Reclaiming
Recognition Reconciling Recording
Recovering Recruiting Rectifying
Reducing Referring Reformative
Regulating Rehabilitating Reinforcing
Relationship building Remodeling Rendering
Reorganizing Repairing Repeating
Reporting Representing Researching
Resolving Resource development Resource management
Response coordination Restoring Restructuring
Retrieving Reversing Reviewing
Revitalizing Rhetoric Rousing


Saving Scanning Scheduling
Schooling Science Scientific reasoning
Screening Scrutiny Searching
Selecting Selling Sensitivity
Sequencing Serving Setting up
Settling Shaping Shielding
Situation analysis Sketching Social networking
Solidifying Solution appraisal Social perceptiveness
Sorting Speaking Solving
Specialization Specifying Spearheading
Speech Stabilizing Speculating
Stirring Storing information Stimulating
Strengthening Structuring Streamlining
Substituting Summarizing Styling
Supplementing Supporting Supervising
Surveying Sustaining Surmising
Systematizing Systems analysis Synthesis
Systems perception Systems understanding Systems management


Tabulating Taking instruction Talking
Teaching Teamwork Technical writing
Tempering Terminology Testing
Theorizing Time management Training
Translating Traveling Treating
Troubleshooting Tutoring Typing


Unifying Updating Upgrading
Using tools


Values clarification Visual communication


Word processing Working with earth Working with nature
Working with others Written communication